What Does #Brexit Mean? Not Sure. But Queen Elizabeth Still Thicc AF

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Brexit. Big news today. Britain Brexited the European Union. Dipset on these Ro’s. Financial markets are dropping. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. The global economy might just collapse and send us into anarchy. Or maybe not. Everything might just be fine. And maybe we’re going to be okay.

Or maybe it’s already collapsed and I don’t even know. Because while all of this has been going on… all of this important world issue stuff… I’ve been over here on Twitter calling the Queen of England lowkey thicc.


This is my life. This is what I do for a living. When the world is catapulting towards anarchy, I’m over here making internet memes about how much Walter Jr. loves Brexit.

I get that my job is a joke. And that I’m not a real adult. But no event has really driven that point home more than this Brexit thing today. I have friends working at financial institutions talking about working late today and what this means for their personal job security and finances and meanwhile I just wrote my ninth blog about the status of JR Smith shirt this week.

Just an insane dichotomy between me and my peers that I really have to sit back and laugh about on days like today.

“Sorry guys, can’t make it to the bar tonight. Boss wants us here all weekend. Gotta keep en eye on the markets. Margins are all over the place. Lot of uncertainty in the marketplace. My clients are very concerned with their money. Just want to make sure they’re aware of the numbers.”

“Yeah… Bruh Queen Lizbeth lowkey still thicc af”



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