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Gonna try a little something new here in honor of my good friend and colleague Stephen A. Smith.

The blog is called TAke a look, y’all: IMG_(__).jpeg, and ode to what I still believe is – pound for pound – the best tweet ever sent. What did he want us to look at? Why didn’t he delete it? Why have we never gotten an answer? Are we being hoodwinked? Bamboozled? Led astray? Run amuck? Flat out deceived? It is preposterous Max Kellerman, And I will not stand for it.

And yet… I actually never want to know. I want it to remain one of life’s great mysteries. Not knowing is what keeps me coming back to this one tweet once every two weeks or so.

I’ll post this blog at lunchtime every day.

The cover photo? Anonymous. You have to click to find out.

The content? The good stuff. Maybe it’s a meme. Maybe my favorite tweet. Maybe a funny video. Maybe it’s a throwback.

Instead of coming in hot with something outrageous, I’m gonna ease into this first iteration of the blog today with a Feel Good Friday video of a very good girl or I should say I fine girl named Brandy who looked a heart attack in the face and left a big old doggie poop on it’s doorstep for it to step in.

TAke a look, y’all:

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