Fake Book Covers On The Subway Is Surprisingly Hilarious



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The blog has been out of commission the past few days due to some scheduling conflicts, and will continue to be for most of the weekend. But while I have the time, I thought I’d throw some stuff up quickly.

So a few days ago, this book cover on the subway went semi-viral


Pretty easy to assume this was fake. Anyone who as ever read something remotely suss in public before knows that you either 1) shell it up with a fake book cover, 2) plant that thing firmly on your lap to hide the cover, or 3) put it in your bag and probably never read it because internet blogs > books. Even if you were trying to throw out that butt-munching vibe to girls on the subway, you’d probably be a little more discreet and tactful than to just hold it up to your face. I know that it’s 2016 and eating ass has become pretty mainstream, but there’s still a level of self-consciousness that would hold most people back from blatantly advertising their sexual fetishes in public. It’s one thing to hold a book titled “Ass Eating Made Simple” under your arm while hoping to catch the eye of a girl… it’s another to hold it in front of your face like a Navy Plebe reading your Reef Points*.



All you’re doing there is telling me it’s fake. That’s just way too blatant.

So when I saw this video, I had no expectations. Just another Dude Viral prank trying way to hard and killing multiple jokes in the process.

But you know what… I gotta admit… I laughed. I laughed multiple times.

Slut Shaming Your Baby…bookcover1

How To Score Asian Girlfriend On The L Train…


A big shout to Bobby Durst…


Gone Girl 2: Even Goner…


And even the predictable Trump joke


I laughed. What can I say. I’m a writer (blogger), I appreciate a well written quip (an internet joke for other people who spend to much time on the internet). Sure, the execution was a little too much with the whole book-in-front-of-his-face thing, but it was still funny. Because as someone who always looks and will absolutely go out of my way to see what someone is reading on the train, I appreciate the hell out of this idea.

Solid B+

*quick sidenote: I come from a Navy family, so as fat and lazy as I am, there was always a chance I maybe went to the academy. But the second I learned that Plebes had to stand there and read Reef Points for hours at a time was the second I decided I was never going to Navy. Hard to find two things I’m worse at than “standing still” and “reading books”. I legitimately have the attention span of a puppy.

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