Justin Bieber’s Dad Loves His Son’s Dick

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beiberdad3 beiberdad2



“Hey Biebs, Sweet Cock Bro”

“Thanks Dad”

Can’t script a more perfect celebrity dad than Jeremy Bieber. I mean he is every tv/movie character dad that showed up in his famous sons life once he got famous, times three. Skipped the whole childhood. Showed up when Biebs got famous. Shamelessly lives off him. Rocks Tapout shirts and cargo shorts. In and Out of Jail. Trashed a $12K apartment that Biebs paid for. Once threw a dog off an upstairs balcony. Was the guy blocking off streets when Beiber was drag racing and got a DUI. And once broke a 100 pound 18-year-old chick’s jaw by roundhouse kicking her in the face. Don’t worry though, he got off of that by paying her off.

And finally the cherry on top, complimenting his sons sweet dick on twitter to let the whole world know how proud he is. Just fantastic stuff. And weird as fuck too… Definitely weird as fuck.

“WHO NEEDS HIM? Wasn’t like he was there to teach me how to have a sweet cock but I learned, didn’t I? And I got pretty damn good at it, didn’t I Scooter Braun?”

P.S.   Pete Davidson for the win

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