Apparently I Would Rather See Jose Canseco in A Music Video Than His Hot Daughter Josie

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So my buddy, who for pretty obvious reasons will remain anonymous, sent me that text this afternoon. I can now see that he meant to write Josie Canseco, the hot daughter of Jose. Was that my first guess? Nope. I read the entire text (twice over, by the way) and thought, Wait, am I gonna get an old, jacked up Jose Canseco dancing in a Wale video? That’s fucking awesome. I read “leave work to rub one out,” and didn’t even think twice. Figured that was a completely normal reaction to watching Jose Canseco in a music video.

So I pull up this video, and I’m legitimately pumped. I’m thinking, “This is going to be hilarious, blog material for days.” Video starts off, and there’s hot girls dancing all over the place. “Alright great, great, just get to Jose already.”

I shit you not, I watched the entire video without realizing that he meant Josie. Didn’t even notice her or any of the other girls and their sexy dancing. I was just waiting to see Jose pop out of nowhere and tear it up. Not only that, I finished it up and audibly yelled, “What the FUCK was that? Where’s Jose?” It took me a good minute after the video finished to realize that he didn’t mean Jose.

And you know what? I was legitimately pissed that it wasn’t Jose. I wanted that to be Jose so much more than I wanted it to be Josie. Apparently that’s just the way your boy Ham thinks now. I would rather watch a 51-year-old former baseball player dance in a music video than his hot 18-year-old daughter. All in the name of blog content. I guess this is just my life now. Blog life is too real.

And of course, here’s some Josie. Not Jose.

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Josie Canseco, daughter of baseball legend Jose Canseco shows off her bikini body on the beach in Miami josie2 josie3 josie4

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