What Should The Punishment Be For Laying Across Four Subway Seats To Read A Book While Barefoot?

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The level of narcissism it takes to pull this move is almost commendable. I mean your head has to be so far up your own ass that you can read that book through your mouth. I would give anything to live one day like this. With no regard for societal norms or common courtesy or even just the cleanliness of a seat that’s probably been peed on no less than four times this week. The feeling of not giving an absolute fuck like this must be so liberating, especially knowing that nobody will ever say anything. Because as much as I’d love to see another lady come on board and toss this chick through the window, she’ll probably ride completely uninterrupted to her stop because people never say anything on the subway. So while I hate her guts and hope she dies, I’ll commend her for her zero fucks attitude. Good for you lady. Please don’t have kids.

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