Buy Some Great Clothes & Benefit Cancer Research With TWN Clothing

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Love chill clothing? Hate cancer? Well guess what? I’ve got something for you…

Here’s the deal… my buddy Kyle Norman is taking his clothing company, TWN Clothing, to online retail. Simple, stylish stuff for everyone who wants to look good without 1) trying too hard or 2) paying too much. Clothes I would buy even if I didn’t know the company. Clothes I literally did just buy before I wrote this blog. And most importantly, clothes that contribute a portion of the profits to Cancer Research. You can read more about Kyle and his story below. Like so many people out there, someone close to him found themselves in a battle with cancer. Kyle had a passion for designing clothes and saw a means of contributing to the battle that his mom and so many millions of others are still fighting to this day. That’s TWN Clothing.

Listen… anyone who’s read this site knows I’m no sellout. I’ve passed up hundred thousand dollar advertising deals from MeUndies, SeatGeek, DraftKings, and a number of other high profile companies marketing themselves to the ever elusive 18-35 demographic that I absolutely kill it with.

I only work with companies that I personally fuck with, and I fuck with TWN Clothing.

And I think you will too. That’s why Kyle is offering a 10% off discount to any readers of What’s The Action. So pop over and use the promo code TWNSUMMER to get a discount on clothes that already cost less than the less stylish, non-Cancer Research benefitting stuff you’re going to find in retail.

Again, that’s TWN Clothing… Promo Code TWNSUMMER for 10% off. #ForTheBoys. DO IT.



Here’s Kyle’s story…

Hometown hero in your city

Back in 2014, My family and I supported my mother as best we could while she bravely battled cancer and dealt with all the challenges that come along with getting treatment for the disease. But through her resilience, strong spirit, and an amazing team of doctors, she is now in remission and living life to the fullest!

During this time one thing really stuck out to me, and while it may sound cliche, it’s that life is too short to forgo the pursuit of ones passions and dreams. Creating and designing clothes has always been a passion and dream of mine, so in the spirit of living your life to the fullest and chasing what inspires you, I decided to create a small clothing collection benefiting cancer research to help find a cure.


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