RIP Alan Rickman, aka Hans Gruber, aka Severus Snape


Celebrity Deaths really do come in threes… rough week for 69-year-old British icons

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Damn… first Bowie and now this? Just an absolutely brutal week to be a 69-year-old British icon.

I guess that begs the question… will the third death be a 69-year-old Brit too? I don’t think anyone here is going to dispute the “celebrity deaths come in threes” rule. We all know that’s as true a rule as there is. So this third one… it kind of has to be another 69-year-old British icon, right? I mean, that’s the only way to do this week justice. You can’t end a week like this with someone like Jaden Smith or Larry the Cable Guy. This week has to finish right. And sure it might sound weird hoping for the death of an old British icon to “finish the week right”, but everyone knows that third death is coming. You don’t want to wish death on someone, but at the same time, I want the Bowie-Rickman-_____ week to have an inconic finish. Right now, this is the closest we’ve gotten to Michael Jackson-Farrah Fawcett-Ed McMahon. Can’t ruin it with a shitty death. Need an icon.

Oh and I should also say RIP to an absolute legend. Dude played two of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Hans Gruber probably goes down as the best action movie villain of all time right? I mean, is there even a close second? He was absolutely perfect in that role. Evil, comedic, ruthless, witty, cunning, weirdly obsessed with the protagonist, power accent, total villain face, and an absolutely epic final scene. Everything you want from your action movie villain and more.

And of course you can’t forget Snape. Dude stole every single scene he was on screen in those movies. He was more Snape than the character in the books. Brought it to life more than any actor could do with any character in there series. Just an incredible actor who we only got a tiny sample size of. But those samples were incredible. RIP

P.S.   I never really gave Bowie his due on here, so RIP to him too.

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