Baron Davis Is Coming Out Of Retirement… To The D-League


The D-League was made for guys like Baron Davis to treat like a Senior Tour

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(Baron’s Knicks 85 jersey is sneaky one of the best jerseys ever)

This… this is exactly what the D-League was meant to be. This is where the D-League should have been looking all along. You want to make the D-League both a strong developmental step for young guys AND economically viable, this is what you do. The D-League was made for guys like Baron Davis to treat like a Senior Tour.

Just think about all the benefits of taking end-of-the-line NBA players and giving them a D-League contract. You give young guys a veteran to show them the ropes. You raise attendance by giving fans a cheap opportunity to see a once-great/decent NBA player. And most of all, you give guys like Baron Davis or Rasheed Wallace or Caron Butler or whoever else fits the mold here an opportunity to dominate and go out on their own terms while getting to play a low-effort, “old man at the Y” style of game. Win, Win, and huge Win.

Just think of how many guys still want to play but just don’t have the stamina/first step it takes to hang around in the league. Like, what if White Chocolate went to the D-League instead of retiring to go play pickup hoops in Orlando? What if Marbury did instead of going to China? What if Iverson did instead of going to fucking Turkey. Sure the money isn’t there now, but Silver said he hopes to raise D-League contracts to six figures. Wouldn’t you rather stay here, dominate some young kids, get credit as a mentor, and have teammates who you can actually talk to, rather than going to live in fucking Istanbul or Beijing for a year? Sure you might get an entire museum built for you like Stephen Marbury did, but is that worth not living in America?

Hell no. This is the move right here. Go sign with the Westchester Knicks, play with Jimmer, score 35 points a night, and maybe if you’re lucky get called back up for a game or two to have one last farewell performance. I see your hustle Baron, and I like it.


P.S.   Baron is 100% just doing this to make a documentary. Co-produced by Steve Nash. Remember I wrote this sentence when you’re watching “My Journey Back” in 15 months.


P.P.S.   Baron over Kirilenko might still be the best in-game dunk ever.

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