MMA Fighter “The Brown Bomber” Pooped His Pants In The Octagon. Yes, That’s Really His Name

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Alright so this is definitely not the first time The Brown Bomber has shit his pants in the octagon right? I think that’s abundantly clear. You don’t get a nickname like The Brown Bomber if you haven’t shit your pants in the middle of a figure-four leg lock right? I mean I didn’t get the name Ham for being quiet and skinny. I was namesaked for the greatest catcher in the San Fernando Valley because I was a fat, loud, funny-looking little kid with the kind of fat kid athleticism that would make Jared Lorenzen blush.

The same way The Brown Bomber probably got his nickname for shitting on someones shoulder in the middle of an arm bar. I mean just look at his face and tell me that’s not a guy who shits his pants on a weekly basis. He would probably fight in a diaper if Huggies made a Mens XXXL. That was not the reaction of someone who was shocked to drop a steamer unexpectedly. That was the reaction of a seasoned vet. He tapped out and left the arena before the janitor even grabbed his mop. It’s just on to the next city for old Brown Bomber here. Man up and vanished like a shart in the wind.

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