Giants Hire PC Principle, Sorry I Mean Ben McAdoo


I think about 75% of my hesitancy to hire Ben McAdoo is the fact that he looks exactly like PC Principle. But you know what… this is probably the best we could possibly do.

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Am I crazy about it? Not really. But after a day of hearing that Mike Smith and Doug Marrone were in serious contention for the job, and knowing that David Shaw and Nick Saban aren’t leaving their perfectly comfortable college jobs, this is probably the best this team was going to do. Young guy, obviously has a great rapport with Eli, and has consistently produced top ten offenses. Like all that. Do not like the idea of Spags staying on as defensive coordinator, but I think that speaks to the larger issue that I’ll get too later today. For now, I’m really just thankful to say that Mike Smith is not coaching this team. That thought nearly put me in a coma yesterday. Knowing that we’re at least working with a competent human being puts me somewhat at ease.

The problem is… that human being looks exactly like PC Principle. Not “kind of like”… not “somewhat resembles”… Dude is identical to PC Principle. And I don’t really know if I can stomach that. Ever since my buddy pointed this out it’s just been stuck in my head. I honestly think that 75% of my hesitancy to hire McAdoo is that look, even before I heard the PC Principle thing. From the second I saw him on the sideline last year I thought he looked like a lost dad on vacation trying to read a map.


Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants

I just don’t knowhow I feel about handing the reigns of this franchise off to someone who, if we’re being completely honest here, looks like a guy named Fred from Indiana who just stopped in the middle of Time Square to pull a map out of his fanny pack and get his bearings. He really looks like he’s in a constant state of confusion, and that already scared the shit out of me. All of that withstanding the newfound knowledge that he looks exactly like PC Principle.

So I guess my question is… do we embrace the PC Principle nickname? I don’t want to, but I think we have to. Just for the sake of laughs. I guess it’s more of a “you can’t un-see that” kind of thing here. Like, I can’t pretend that he looks like a normal guy now. He is PC Principle, and calling him otherwise is basically just living a lie. So I’m sorry Ben. I like you. You’re a great offensive mind. But your name is now officially PC Principle.


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