Trump Dropped Some Jew Jokes At The Republican Jewish Coalition

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Stay Hot Donald! Stay Hot!

Trump, man. What a day. He’s dropping Jew jokes at the RJC, he’s signing titties. He’s eating apples, he’s spotting dimes. I don’t know what to think. Just keep shooting Donald. Stay hot.


P.S.   Just gonna triple down on this take for everyone to see it…

The Clintons 1000000% asked Trump to run for President to tear apart the Republican party and ensure Hilary would become the President. Think about it… it’s a win-win. Trump goes from the old, delusional host of The Apprentice that nobody cared about to Most Famous Man in America overnight, saying whatever he wants and somehow becoming more famous for it and ensuring he’ll be a major public figure for the rest of his life. Hilary becomes the president after the Republicans nominate someone else (Rubio, Bush, whoever), and Trump steals votes away as a third party candidate. Legitimately one of the smartest political moves in human history.

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