Deshaun Watson Deserves The Heisman Over Derrick Henry, And Will Light Up UNC


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(First 20 minutes of the What’s The Action Podcast this week covers Clemson vs. UNC and Deshaun Watson vs. Derrick Henry for the Heisman. Give it a listen)


I’ve really enjoyed this week man. It’s been awesome. Just segment after segment after segment from this show to the next, debating over “who should get the fourth College Football Playoff spot if UNC beats Clemson?” It’s not being discussed as an “if”, though, but rather a “when”. As if it’s some forgone conclusion that North Carolina is going to waltz in there and beat Clemson. I mean it’s really something to watch. I’m sitting here listening to that fat fuck Trevor Matich talk about “why Clemson doesn’t deserve to still get the #4 spot if the lose to UNC.”

Keep it up media, just keep grinding through these segments to kill air time. This will all totally matter next week. I’m sure the best player in all of college football with his 36 touchdowns and 74% road completion percentage and 414 yards per game this last month will just shit the bed against the same team he threw 6 touchdowns on in his first career start. I’m sure the Clemson team who’s won 15 straight games and beaten Notre Dame, Florida State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, and USC in big time games will choke against a UNC team who’s two major games this year were a loss to 3-9 USC and an overtime win over 6-6 Virginia Tech. I’m sure Dabo won’t have his team ready to play most important game in school history. Please, carry on with these Ohio State or North Carolina conversations. Don’t let me get in the way.


As for the Heisman…

Let’s just get this out of the way first: Deshaun Watson is the best football player in the country. I could go on and on about how he’s an A+ passer with unbelievable accuracy who throws the best deep in football and a freak athlete who, when needed, can run just as well as any of these backs. I could talk about him being undefeated, or dominating every game he plays, or elevating his play in the fourth quarter, or playing better on the road, or that anyone with eyes can see that Deshaun Watson is better at football than any player in college football. But I’ve talked enough about Clemson, so let’s just put Watson aside for a second.

Let’s talk about Derrick Henry and the Running Back position…

Derrick Henry, while very talented, is just another oversized guy running behind the country’s best offensive line. That’s not a shot at Henry, it’s a shot at the idea of major program Running Backs winning the Heisman. Running back is the most overrated, replaceable position in all of sports. It’s all about the offensive line. There’s a reason that, outside of transcendent talents like Peterson and Gurley, none of the league’s best running backs come from powerhouse schools. Those guys figure out how to run behind bad offensive lines. Guys like Henry just run 40 times a game behind a monster push and have free reign to burst into an open hole and run over small defensive backs. He’s just one in a line of guys doing the exact same thing. Ingram, Richardson, Yeldon, and now Henry. And next year he’ll be replaced by 6’2″ 235lb Nick Saban Recruit X who will do the exact same thing. Because that team will always have the best offensive line recruits in the country.

If you think Henry is a better, or more important player to his team than Deshaun Watson (or Baker Mayfield for that matter), you’re just not watching. I get that Henry is great, and that Bama’s passing game is trash, and that he’s “carrying them” in the wildly overrated SEC. But if you plug in Bama’s second string running back there is no difference in that team. Maybe like 100 less yards over the course of the season. You can’t say that about Watson or Mayfield. Shit, you can’t even say that about more talented backs like Cook or Fournette, who have been better than Henry this season despite running behind less talented lines.

Derrick Henry is a great player. Go ahead and give him the Doak Walker. But a running back like Henry should never get this award over a Quarterback as talented and productive as Deshaun Watson. Especially when that Quarterback is #1 in the country and HAS NOT LOST A GAME.

Clemson 52, UNC 23


P.S.   Like I said above, the first 20 minutes of the What’s The Action Podcast this week covers Clemson vs. UNC for the ACC Championship and Deshaun Watson vs. Derrick Henry for the Heisman. You can listen below.

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