The “Concussion” Movie Will Change the Way We All Look At Footb– OH MY GOD FOOTBALL IS BACK THIS WEEK

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I used to really care about the Concussion issue. I really did. I bought in on the issue early. Even wrote a whole paper on it in college. And don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a massive issue. When you have players like Patrick Willis and Chris Borland retiring early because of concussion fears, that’s a huge issue. When you have current and former players who can’t remember what they had for breakfast, that’s a huge issue. When you have current and former players addicted to painkillers, that’s a huge issue. When you have former players attempting suicide because they can’t take the pain of living with CTE, that’s a huge issue. I’m not trying to downplay any of that.

But if we’re being honest here, nothing about watching football is going to change for me. Yeah I might cringe a little more with each big hit. Yeah I might go with “Ah I hope he’s okay” rather then “Get up pussy” when someone gets drilled. But I’m still going to watch. I’m still going to enjoy it. I’m still going to write a fire Friday Picks blog (coming soon). I’m still going to gamble. I’m still going to freak out about bad beats. I’m still going to lose money on parlays because I think I’m smarter than I am. I’m still going to believe I have it all figured out when I occasionally hit one. I’m still going to wake up on Monday morning and guess next week’s lines. I’m still going to care way too much about my fantasy league. And I’m still going to wake up every Saturday and Sunday for the next five months with the type of childish joy that no grown man should ever display. Because I fucking love football. And no movie starring the father of the world’s biggest fuckboy is going to change that.

So yes, concussions are a massive issue. And yes, the NFL is so comically corrupt that they’ll continue to manufacture stories about deflated footballs to distract us all from Concussions… and CTE… and 80% of the NFL blatantly taking performance enhancers… and the disproportionally high number of domestic abuse charges throughout the league… and one 260 arrests over the last 260 weeks… and former players committing suicide… and former players who can’t walk or talk correctly… and everything else that is more important than a fake Deflated Football scandal.

But you know what… football is still awesome, and we only have three nights until it’s back. And I can’t fucking wait.

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