Two Australian News Anchors Were Way Too Blown Away By This Shark Video

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sharktoday1 sharktoday2

Fantastic reaction. You’d think some Australians would be pretty numb to shark attack videos by now, right? I mean don’t they see sharks like every single day? Sharks are fucking awesome, but Shark Week, and just the internet in general, have gone so far over the top and basically killed the excitement. Sharks don’t even get my blood flowing anymore. I’m not trying to be hardo, that’s just the truth. No shark video is dropping my jaw like that. Apparently only speeches at the VMA’s do that for me now.

P.S.   “Stuff Summa” was phenomenal. “Get stuffed” is now my new go to slang. It’s great because it takes you a second to get it. Always the best kind of insults

P.P.S.   I actually take all that back, Fat Shark blew my mind. Bobby Baccala ass motherfucker still thinks he’s hot shit.

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