Science Says This Is What Jesus Really Looked Like. Hey Wait A Second…

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They don’t want you to spread the word of God. I promise you. They do not want you. There are evil people out there. People who want to see you fail. When you very successful, you a target. Jus know. They don’t want you to turn water into wine. They don’t want you to raise Lazerus from the dead. They DO NOT want you to have that fish and bread with the wine that Chef Dee cooked up for breakfast. They don’t want it. There are many roadblocks on the pathway to more success. But I won’t let them slow me down. Know dat. I’ll take that fish and that piece of bread and make another one. And Another One. Another One. Another One. Another One. And Another One. #BlessUp. The🔑 to more success is to get up on that cross and die. You gotta get up there and DIE. Spread them arms and just DIE. Because they don’t want you to rise three days later. THEY DON’T. I PROMISE YOU THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO RESURRECT. And most people can’t do that. But I can. Most people won’t rise from the dead. I Can. Most people can’t ascend to heaven 40 days later. I CAN. Enjoy life. Enjoy the plants. Enjoy your family. Work hard. Trust me. I got us. Come walk across water with me on the pathway to more success. #BlessUp 🙏

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