The Deflategate Cartoon from Cleodog Nicely Sums Everything Up

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Third sports-themed cartoon from Cleodog. They’re the guys who did the Simmons vs. ESPN and Phil Jackson vs. Stephen A. Smith. cartoons. They’ve all been phenomenal. The level of work that probably goes into finding the quotes is incredible. Anyways, great 3 minute video.

Look, say whatever you want about Deflategate at this point. I think everyone has firmly planted themselves in on whatever side they started on.

The one thing that nobody can deny at this point is that this entire investigation has been an absolute fucking joke from the beginning. The NFL took the story and dragged it from Super Bowl week allllll the way around to the start of training camp. They stayed in the news cycle in a way that didn’t really hurt their brand but was controversial enough to spike ratings like crazy. Instead of talking about Concussions and HGH and Domestic Violence and fuckboy Jets players driving 143mph away from police with a 12-year-old and a gun in the car, we’re talking about a half a cubic pound of air pressure from a blowout game in January. It’s insane. And it’s EXACTLY what Goodell and the owners and the NFL front office wanted all along. and if you can’t see that then I don’t know what to tell you.

But you want to know what the worst part about all of this is… the Pats fans were right. Even if Brady did Deflate balls, which they still haven’t actually proven but he still probably did, the Pats fans were right. It’s been a witch hunt from day one. Those insufferable, provincial, spoiled Massholes were right all along. And even though I backed the Patriots and that fuckboy Brady on this because of how much I hate Goodell, I’m still gonna have to hear these idiots boast about how “the NFL was out to get them.”

So to all of the fucking morons who, despite how terribly and corruptly he has handled EVERY SINGLE DECISION until now, thought Roger Goodell was truthful and well-intentioned about Deflategate, thanks. To everyone who believed that the “independent investigators” were fair, and that the leaks about text messages and smashed phones were anything other than bait to shape public opinion, thanks. Thanks for being that gullible and stupid. Because now every Boston guy I like reading and listening to will NEVER SHUT UP about how they were right about Deflategate. And NFL will continue to rake in money off of the fakest controversy of all time. Everybody loses. Except of course for Roger and the owners. Shit.


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