Indians Fans Are Offended & Triggered By People Protesting The Chief Wahoo Logo In A Wild Video

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You know what I love about these people? It’s the blatant hypocrisy.

I mean just think about it for a second. If you are mad at these protestors… mad at Native Americans who are offended by this logo… mad that someone wants to change your logo… aren’t you just as “offended” as them?

Seriously, what makes you in any way less offended than these protestors?

We’re talking about a Native American person who is offended by a pretty fucking ridiculous caricature that depicts their people as red-faced, fat-cheeked lunatics.

Versus you… a person who doesn’t want to change the logo of your baseball team. Think about that. You’re so offended by the thought of changing the logo of your baseball team, that you’re going out of your way to scream at people in public. Sounds kind of like something a triggered, snowflake protester would do, huh?

You’re yelling at them to get over a ridiculous (and it is fucking RIDICULOUS) caricature of them that they don’t want to be used by an extremely public company and thus connected to their people in the minds of millions upon millions of viewers and fans.

You’re yelling at them to GET OVER IT.

But you can’t GET OVER the idea of your baseball team changing from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Steamers. Okay, we’ll workshop the name change. But my point still stands. Shit, you can’t even get over the idea of keeping the name Indians and just getting rid of the Chief Wahoo logo. Hey guys… IT’S A FUCKING BASEBALL LOGO, GET OVER IT. 

I’m not even saying the protestors are right or not. I mean I think of all the team logos and names this is far and away the most offensive – so yeah, I think it’s not that crazy to ask to get rid of the logo.

Shit, I even get the point that bandwagon Cowboy fan mad about the Fighting Irish. That’s a pretty ridiculous logo. There’s just, you know, the slight difference between being an Irish school founded by Irish people and using an Irish logo vs. being a professional baseball team owned and operated by all white people with zero affiliation to the Native American community. Slight difference there, but I appreciate the effort, bandwagon Cowboy fan.

And you know what… if you don’t care… that’s fine. I can get why people don’t think the name Indians itself is offensive. And if you think they should keep that name, I’m not here to argue that. I don’t see how anyone in their right mind can see this logo and think it’s not outrageous. I mean look at this…

I just want everyone who screams at these protestors and who refuses to give in on the logo change to understand how hypocritical you are. And no, don’t fucking deflect and don’t point to some other logo and don’t yell about “protest culture” being stupid because that white girl was in the video.

You… YOU are offended and triggered and “a snowflake” about the idea of a baseball team ditching a logo. And you’re a fucking loser.

P.S.   I did laugh at this. Funny is funny.

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