Man Driving A Boat Named “Naut Guilty” Pleads Guilty In Boating Accident Case. Folks,,

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Folks,, this is what we in the media biz like to call irony.

By the way… the actual owner of this boat is absolutely guilty of something right. I’m not talking about this accident. I’m talking just about a crime in general. Anyone who names their boat Naut Guilty is one billion percent guilty of something. That’s true in the movies and true in real life. Don’t believe me? Look at this guy’s occupation. Defense Attorney AND Night Club Promoter? Come on. If that guy isn’t embezzling money through that night club I will eat my own hat. He’s involved in some of the shadiest activity this side of the Charles River. Drugs? Murder? Human Trafficking? Anything is in play for a guy who doubles as a defense attorney and a night club owner and owns a speed boat called the Naut Guilty. That’s straight out of a 90’s Michael Bay movie. I’m about to call Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett and get them on the case. This little boating accident might have distracted the real police, but Mike and Marcus know there’s something up.



Sorry I don’t even know where that one went. Sometimes you just kind of lose hold of a blog right away and end up in a place you never even knew when you started writing. This… this counts as one of those times.

But yeah, pretty ironic, huh?

P.S.   Shake Your Tailfeather is still absolute HEAT by the way.

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