Trouble Dieting? George Forman Will Have You Motivated In No Time!

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Oh hell yeah George Form– wait, what?


God DAMN George. What a flex.

All our friends are dying? Hmmm. Maybe if they’d been eating good and right off these George Forman deluxe grill sets they could be enjoying this lovely spread I cooked for the wake. Shame. Real shame. 

I mean this is ruthless, ruthless stuff. Floating like a butterfly right of Muhammed Ali’s grave and doing it with a smile.

Health troubles? Wouldn’t know nothing about that. Maybe if Muhammed spent a little less time rope-a-doping and a little more grilling and chilling on one of the five different George Forman grills I’d taken the time to send to him then we could both be getting ready for the summer. I could use a sparring partner my age. Yes, I do still box. If I’m healthy enough then why not, am I right? 

Sure all your friends are dying but I’m getting ready to flex on the ladies down at the beach club. 80 years old and I’m back down at my fighting weight baby. Who wants to go 12 rounds with the champ? And I ain’t talkin bout throwing hands baby! Haha hit it for me one time!


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