Ham’s Hoops Roundup March 31st – The TNT Chicago Bulls Do It Again

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Scores and ATS Results

Brooklyn 89 – Detroit 90   (Brooklyn +6.5)

Cleveland 93 – Chicago 99   (Chicago -5.5)

LA Lakers 104 – Minnesota 119   (Minnesota -11)

LA Clippers 124 – Phoenix 118   (Phoenix +10)

Houston 107 – Portland 117   (Portland Pick)

Have A Night TNT Chicago Bulls

25-6-5 from Jimmy. 28-10 with 6 threes from Mirotic. 7-15-9 from Rondo. And the TNT Bulls get another goddamn win on TNT.

This team man… has there ever been a more polarizing team than the 16-17 Chicago Bulls? What other team can you remember that’s not just capable, but expected to lose to the worst teams and beat the best. They’ll put up and absolute stinker and drop one to a bottom dweller on Tuesday, then come back and wipe the floor with a title contender on a Thursday. It’s wild stuff man. Wild, wild stuff.

As for the Cavs? I’m fully ready to push the panic button. I understand that the TNT Bulls are the TNT Bulls. But this game had all the makings of a “Lebron posts a 28-14-12. Kyrie drops 35 and looks unstoppable. Love hits six threes and is laughing on the bench. And the Cavs win by 25 and quell the media firestorm just in time to kick off a playoff run.” type of game. Lot of postgame smiles. Maybe take a group instagram. And everyone remembers that this is the same team that won the title ten months ago.

Now? Now I’d be a little/lotta bit worried about things. A few weeks ago the road looked a lot easier. They’d cruise through the first round against Indy or Detroit, face a tough game or two but still handily beat Toronto before finally facing their first tough test in the Conference Finals against a Celtics or Wizards team coming off a war of a second round series. Now this disjointed, ice cold Cavs team is staring down a hell of a first round matchup with a scorching hot, nothing-to-lose Miami team leading into a BRUTAL second round series with a Washington team that is not only completely unafraid, but has also kind of owned them as of late.


Have A Night Rick Rubio

And go please get the fuck out of my life, Phil Jackson.

Giving Joakim Noah 4 years and $72 million is probably the worst move Phil has made. I mean, either that, or giving Carmelo a No-Trade Clause. I don’t know. It’s one of the two. In terms of long term damage it’s probably the Carmelo trade. Sure the Noah trade will hurt the Knicks ability to sign free agents for the next three years… but that’s really not that big of a deal. The inability to trade Melo has hampered their ability to truly rebuild. And in the long term that’s much worse. Rebuilding is more important.

Third on that list, and rising, is Phil fucking up this Rose-for-Rubio swap. It was there. It was on the table. The expiring and otherwise USELESS contract of garbage ass Derrick Rose for a real, true point guard in Rubio who 1) can create great shots for Kristaps, 2) will defend at a HIGH level, and 3) is on a completely reasonable contract moving froward. Forget that he’s not playing at an unreal level. Rubio BEFORE the trade would have still been the best Knicks point guard of the last decade and given them more flexibility in the draft. And he held it up with like an hour to go until the deadline to try and squeeze Nemanja Bjelica into the deal.

Go away Phil. Go away and never come back.


Have A Night Devin Booker & Tyler Ulis

Remember when these two were in the same backcourt together? At Kentucky? As the backups to the Harrison twins?

I’m telling you man… this Suns team has as bright as future as any in league. Minnesota, Milwaukee, Denver are all in great shape with franchise centerpieces. Philly has some injury concerns, of course. But they could have two top five picks to pair with Simmons and whatever happens with Embiid. New York has to be thrown in if only because of Porzingis. LA will be in great shape so long as they don’t lose their pick. And, well, I guess you have to throw Boston in the mix considered they’ll likely have Fultz or Ball along with Brown, Smart, next year’s Nets pick, and all their other pieces moving forward.

But Phoenix… Phoenix is as well positioned as anyone. Booker is an absolute star. Bledsoe and Ulis round out a very nice backcourt rotation. Chriss looks very much for real as a quality starting four. You still don’t know what Bender is… but the potential is there. Jones Jr. and Warren are nice bench pieces to have. All their missing is a genuine second banana at the three.

And would you look at that… Phoenix will likely have the 3rd or 4th pick in a draft with two high potential, super athletic threes in Josh Jackson and Jonathan Isaac are the 3rd and 4th ranked prospects. How about that? Booker, Bledsoe, Jackson, Chriss, Len to start the game. Ulis, Warren, Jones Jr., Bender on the bench. That’s a hell of a young nine man rotation. And young enough to land them with another top ten pick next year.

Phoenix is in good shape buddy.

Around The Association

Blake got himself back on track. And the Clips might be somewhat figuring their shit out just in time for the playoffs.

J-Crossover forever

Schedule for Friday, March 31st

Denver – Charlotte   (-2)     7:00

Indiana – Toronto   (-6)     7:00

Philadelphia – Cleveland   ( )     7:30

Orlando – Boston   (-10.5)     7:30

San Antonio – Oklahoma City   (+1.5)     8:00   ESPN

New York – Miami   ( )     8:00

Detroit – Milwaukee   (-9.5)     8:00

Dallas – Memphis   (-4.5)     8:00

Sacramento – New Orleans   (-10.5)     8:00

Washington – Utah   ( )     9:00

Houston – Golden State   (-7.5)     10:30   ESPN

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