It’s Friday and Cam’ron Made A “10,000 Miles” Remix

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Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun AND I NEED CAM.

Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun AND I MISSED CAM.

Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun AND NOW I WON-DER

On top of releasing an absolutely FIRE Remix, we get two hilarious skits thrown in the video. Laughed out loud at “your accent turning me on even more when you mad so if I could just see the phone” before I even knew it was a 10,000 Miles remix. And that skit in the middle?

“Cheat on your diet not on your girl”

“She actually thought of that like three years ago… and she was right… you don’t cheat on your girl.”

Though I will say, Cam is a prime candidate for the George Forman “All your friends are dying, you don’t have to” diet. Very bad visual for Killa Cam here, imho.


Killa Cam top five funniest rappers ever. Maybe top three. The man is just a national treasure.

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