Brazilian Soccer Player Pees Down His Shorts In The Middle Of A Huddle Like An Absolute Savage

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Just an absolute savage move by this guy. It’s one thing to pull your shorts to the side and give it some room to stream, it’s a whole different move to just piss on your shorts an let it run down like a babbling brook. I mean what the fuck is that? What are you doing man? You have two options, pee your pants or don’t pee your pants. You just went through all the trouble of trying to take a piss, yet you’re still covered in piss. If you have no problem running around all game with pee-pants, just let it fly free. Stand there and piss your pants like a man, don’t take this half measure that ensures only one side of your pants is wet. That’s just a weird move. You missed the freedom of willingly peeing you pants and you’re still covered in piss. That’s a lose-lose. And that’s what you get for taking a half measure.

P.S.   This is a PSA to everyone ever taking a piss in public… Everyone knows your peeing. Nobody in the history of public urination has ever gone unnoticed. It’s cool. I mean nobody cares. Just don’t think you’re being discreet. Whether you’re pretending to be on the phone, taking a knee, or pulling a truly aggressive move with the walking piss, everyone knows.

via TBL

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