The Clemson Football Team Had Some Fun Feeding Sour Patch Kids To Sleeping Teammates

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Look at my large adult sons playing pranks on each other. Isn’t that wonderful. All my National Champion children on a fun little bus ride together to go do champion things, playing little pranks like teammates do. Shoving candy in each others mouths and fingers in each others butts.

Guy stuff. Locker room stuff. National Champion stuff.

Hey I know it’s been about a month not but do you guys remember when my large adult Tiger sons beat Nick Saban and the vaunted Alabama Crimson Tide to win the National Championship? When they came back from down 10 and scored 21 points in the fourth quarter against the greatest college defense of all time? You know, when Deshaun Watson… that guy who completed 64% of his passes for 825 yards & 7 TDs plus another 126 yards & 1 TD on the ground to score 75 points in two games against the best defense in college football history on the biggest imaginable stage but who a bunch of very stupid teams will pass on in the draft… led a game winning drive to cap off the greatest game in college football history.

Remember that?

I member


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