Hey Kobe You Smoke Weed Bro?

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*violent coughing*
*violent coughing*
“That’s s–”
*violent coughing*
“Some g–”
*violent coughing*
“That’s some g–”
*violent coughing*
*violent coughing*

“When’s the last time you smoked weed Kobe?”

“All the t–”
*violent coughing*
*violent coughing*
“I just usually– *coughing subsides* — I just dont’ smoke blunts bro.”

“Okay… okay… it’s good if you don’t smoke Ko–“

“Nah Snoop I ain’t police!”

“Relax Kob we’re good”

“I am good Snoop. Pass that sh–”
*violent coughing*

P.S.   There’s no way this wasn’t Kobe’s first time smoking right? Dude was waaaayyyy too serious, waaaayyyy too straight edge for weed. The only drugs Kobe Bean Bryant has ever done was the HGH he got in Germany, that’s it. AM I RIGHT?

P.P.S.   I hated Kobe his whole career… I think I’ve made that abundantly clear on this blog. But I’m low key extremely excited to watch Kobe attempt to be a functioning human being outside of basketball for the next twenty years. At least Jordan had his gambling suspension and his post-98 retirement to ease into life after basketball. Kobe is jumping head first into this shit and god knows what’s in store for him. I, for one, can. not. fucking. wait.

P.P.P.S.   Lebron > Kobe all day every way.


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