Always Sunny Is Doing Another Musical Episode This Season

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(via Uproxx)

Have you ever noticed that all the funniest shows on TV are obsessed with musicals? Sunny did this. The South Park guys made Book Of Mormon. Larry David wrote himself into a musical for a season of Curb. The Office and 30 Rock had a couple of musical numbers written in.

Is it because there are so many aspects of musical theatre that TV comedy has adapted? Is it because musicals in themselves are such a hilarious concept? Is it as simple as the fact that so many comedic actors get their start in theatre> Or do the people capable of writing and filming such hilarious content seem to coincidentally have a love affair with the art of musicals? I don’t really know the answer but it’s an interesting thing to think about.

Anyway… this is great news. The Nightman Cometh is an all time, alllll time Sunny episode. “Take a Five”, “I’m here”, Charlie threatening to smack everyone, Mac’s eyeliner, Boys Soul. Incredible stuff. I almost wish I didn’t know it was coming. Like now my expectations are just so wildly high for this episode. But if any show has the ability to consistently live up to them, it’s Sunny.

And no, I have no idea why that dramatic piano was playing in the background of that interview. Outrageous move by whatever company that was.


P.S.   The Nightman Cometh opening is one of the sneaky funniest openings in Sunny history. I mean I guess that’s hard to say because I can’t remember an unfunny Sunny opening. No show is even close to as good at their openings as Sunny. It’s tough to call one the best or the most underrated when almost every single one is laugh out loud funny. The conversations walking into the bar… the way they set up the episode titles… I mean it’s always just so damn good.

Anyway, I just rewatched the episode and lost it when they start pressing Charlie on why he wrote the musical. Dennis asking “Who’s the mark?” and Dee asking who’s face they’re shoving it in and Mac yelling “WHO IS THIS VERSUS?” It’s such a perfect encapsulation of everything that Sunny is.

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