OF COURSE Tim Tebow Homered On The First Pitch He Saw In A Professional Baseball Game

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My god… it’s really happening.

Tim Tebow is the biggest conundrum in human history. You can’t make this up, but like, OF COURSE he hit a home run. Tim Tebow never should have smacked a home run in his first professional baseball at bat but that’s exactly why he should have. You would never expect to see this happen and that’s exactly why we all should’ve see it coming. Nothing about Tim Tebow makes sense, and yet it all makes perfect sense.

The Mets are going to lose like 9 more players to injury before the playoffs, call up Tebow to their playoff roster, and watch him smack an opposite field single and steal second to fuel an improbably eighth inning comeback in Chicago down 3-1 in the series.

Oh that sounds stupid? That sounds ridiculous? That would never happen? Yeah, so does Tim Tebow completeing a pass in the NFL with that throwing motion. So does Tim Tebow winning a playoff football game. So does Tim Tebow taking up baseball for the first time in twelve years and going with an Oppo Bomb on his first professional pitch. Yet here we are.

It would be ridiculous of you not to question Tim Tebow’s ability to play professional baseball… yet questioning Tim Tebow’s ability to play professional baseball is the stupidest thing you could ever do.

The Mets are 20/1 to win the World Series. Right now that’s the worst and best bet you could ever make.



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