Clemson Has Swung From A (-3.5) Favorite To (+2) Underdog Against Louisville On Saturday In Death Valley

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Hah… Hahaha… Hahahahaha… AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Look I get why Louisville is the hot pick. They’ve been a better team this year. They’ve dominated every game they’ve played. They just took a Florida State team with as much talent as anyone in the country behind the shed and gave them the work. Their offense has been unstoppable. Their defense has been thoroughly impressive. And Lamar Jackson has been far and away the best player in the country so far.

But let’s pump the breaks on a FIVE AND A HALF point swing.

Five and a half? Five and a fucking half?

This game is still in Death Valley. This game is still a night game in Death Valley. This defense is still as well coached as any in the country. This offense is still as explosive as we’ve seen in recent memory. And Deshaun Watson is still the best quarterback in college football.

When the lights are on and Death Valley is bumping and the pressure turns up, Clemson becomes Clemson. These are the games that make Dabo Dabo and make Deshaun Deshaun and make the Clemson Tigers the motherfucking Clemson Tigers. Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Florida State. This team has risen to the occasion and knocked off every big name school short of Alabama the last five years. You think they’re scared of motherfucking Louisville?

Go ahead, pile up on Louisville. Hammer the Cardinals until this line has swung a full touchdown in the other direction. Have at it. Take the team with wins over Charlotte, Syracuse, Marshall, and a freshman QB in his first Road start and lay points on the road against a team that was 5 points from a National Championship. I just hope you’re fully prepared to hate yourself at 11:30 on Saturday night when you realize you bet against the best player in the country at home at night getting 2 points and no respect. Have fun with that.


P.S.   I just found out wedding reception I’m going to on Saturday night has no TV’s. Like… none… on the entire property. Just called the place and got that news today. Which means I get to rip through all my data while watching on the biggest Clemson game of the year on my fucking iPhone under the table.

The guy who answered the phone was so taken aback by the question I might as well have asked if they had a gun range on the property. Because apparently it’s a novel idea to have a television at a place that hosts wedding receptions that will be attended by people who watch football. What an outrageous concept, right? God forbid there’s one fucking television for the half of the wedding audience that might have an interest in the most popular sport in the country.


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