Montez Had The Best Reaction To A Steph Curry Three Ever

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Picture perfect reaction by Montez from Workaholics, aka comedian Erik Griffin. Picture perfect.

This is what Steph Curry is doing to opposing teams right now. This is the feeling he gives you. I mean the Clippers were up 23 at one point last night, and not for one second did anyone watching the game think the Warriors weren’t coming back. You just know it going to happen, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Once Curry gets it going, you’re done. He’s going to bury a three in your eye, put a layup high off the glass, or AT WORST dump it off to a teammate for an open shot. And the way this team is playing, that shot is probably going in too. The second that ball is out of Curry’s hands, your only expectation is that it’s going it. You’re hopeless, and that hopelessness shows all over your face… all the way through the follow through.


P.S.   This was awesome too.


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