Julius Hodge (Who Got Dick-Punched By CP3) Had An A+ Tweet Last Night

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On the list of scumbag shit you can do on a basketball court/any field, punching someone in the dick is very, very high up there. I mean, short of rocking steel-toed shoes or razor blades in your sweatbands, unsuspectingly punching someone in the dick while they have their hands up for a rebound is as bad as it gets.


It just shows what kind of person you are. It’s not about “competitive fire” or “doing what it takes to win” or any of that shit. All it shows is that you’re not good enough to win, and you know it. When I played against kids who would hit you after the whistle or poke your ribs under the basket or whack your legs when the ball was at the other side of the field, I would laugh. All that does is show me you’re a mental midget who has to lean on bullshit tactics to win games. It shows that you’re weak and scared and that as soon as I get the ball, I’m going to beat you more times than not. And as I keep beating you, and your bullshit tactics amplify, I’m just going to keep laughing in your face.

It’s why I love Cam Newton so much. Defenders take cheap shots and try to talk shit and he’ll just openly laugh in their face. And there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s awesome to watch. Chris Paul would punch Cam in the dick, Cam would laugh right in Chris Paul’s face, and then Cam would beat him over and over and over and over until Paul just straight up stomped him out in steel toed boots in hopes of ending his career. Because that’s the kind of guy Chris Paul always has been and always will be. He’s a piece of shit.

Oh and yeah that tweet, that was hilarious too.

But mostly fuck Chris Paul.

P.S.   Big shouts to Julius Hodge, the starting Small Forward for the Gerry McNamara All-Stars. Dude was at NC State for no less than a decade.

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