Ham’s Daily Porzingasm: “I Fear No Man” – Kristaps

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ESPN  — The Knicks coaching staff will continue to ask Porzingis to rebound and help defend the paint. At 243 pounds, Porzingis knows his limitations in the paint, but he reiterated on Thursday that he won’t be intimidated by anyone.

“I’m not scared. I’m not scared of anybody,” he said. “Like I’ve said, I’m skinny and I’m light and strong guys can still push me around, but I’ll fight back and be aggressive and never back down from anybody. If I want to succeed at this level, I can’t be scared of anybody.”



I want to be more excited about this. I really do. But the problem is… I knew this already. Don’t get me wrong, I still got off. I mean it’s not called a Porzingasm for nothing. I’m gonna get off. But this is nothing new to me. I knew this when he wasn’t phased by the booing on Draft Night. I knew when he walked onto the court in that first summer league game. I knew when he stuffed Jahlil Okafor’s shot back up his nose. I knew when he was named a starter this season. I knew when he put up 16 in his debut. I knew when he dunked on LaMarcus Aldridge’s head. I knew when he dunked on Kevin Love’s head. I knew when he showed off for Kobe and dapped him up. I knew when he drained that game winner in Charlotte. I knew when confidently switched onto Lebron multiple times. I knew when he went right at Anthony Davis. I knew when he got his shot blocked, and went right back down to block Davis. And I knew when he put up 29 and 11 on Tuesday. I’ve known all along.

So yeah, this is cool. It’s great to hear him say it. But actions speak louder than words, and Kristaps knows that. That’s why every single thing he’s done from the second Adam Silver called his name has screamed louder than Bone Crusher. NEVER SCARED.

Kristaps fears no man. And we’ll see that again tonight when he puts up 26-15 on Ibaka and swats a Westbrook dunk attempt into the fifteenth row. Knicks +220 Moneyline. LOCK IT IN.


P.S.   Kevin Durant isn’t playing because he’s scared of Kristaps. Fact.


P.P.S.   I had a Porzingasm at 19:28 of The What’s The Action Podcast. Go give it a listen.

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