Is Slavery Always Bad? I Dunno, This Girl Makes Some Good Points…

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I don’t know guys, that looks like a pretty fair and balanced report to me. Well researched and expertly presented on both sides. The most important thing as a journalist/reporter is to remove emotion and feelings from the equation and it looks like this girl has pulled that off pretty well. Can’t start showing bias in your reports or you might just end up on a panel on a cable news network. Gotta hear both sides and folks, there are still two sides to the topic of Slavery. The Pyramids, Railroads, Crops, iPhones? None of that happens without slave labor, people. Who knows, maybe the reason the world is falling apart is because we got rid of it. Not saying… just saying…

P.P.S.   This has to be a debate class where the teacher asks students to argue both sides, right? I mean don’t get me wrong, there are some IDIOT ass teenage white girls (AND GUYS) who could absolutely be ignorant/racist/both enough to think they could justify slavery. But there’s no way this actually a thing someone created a goddamn presentation for in 2016, right? RIGHT?



P.S.   While we’re going down this rabbit hole (almost went a different way with that, would’ve been a really unfortunate pun) I just have to share this laugh out loud funny picture from the Donald Trump-Sean Hannity “African American Town Hall Special”. DOnald Trump, Sean Hannity, a carefully selected group of Conservative-leaning pastors audition for a gig as Fox News’s token black contributor, and a crowd of old white people half of which were just picked up by Saul Goodman from a Golden Corral.

his picture is laugh out loud funny.

Folks, this is where real change and real progress begins





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