I’m Not Crying You’re Crying

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Did the Playoff Committee “got it right” on Sunday? I don’t know. I don’t know because I don’t know what their criteria actually is. As far as I can tell, they’re looking to place the four best teams that meet the base criteria of “win at least 11 games and don’t ever get embarrassed”. That’s the closest I can come to an explanation. The four best teams that won at least 11 games and never got blown out. It explains why one-loss, non-conference-winning teams like Alabama this year and Ohio State last year can get in, and why teams that suffered blowouts like Ohio State this year can’t jump into the top four even after winning their conference. I’m not saying I agree or not, that’s just the closest I can come to an explanation.

Does it matter? NOPE.

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The only thing that scares me is how not scared I am of Alabama. When that crimson popped up on the screen I said “good”. I want Bama again. I want Saban’s head on a platter. I want to take everyone who went into this season with Clemson at number 5 and rub their face in the dirt.

How… how could I be scared with this man at the helm? Who is going to stop him? Who is beating this man? Who should I fear?

The answer is nobody.


P.S.   We’ll get more into playoff talk as New Years approaches. But I would like to shout out Luther Campbell and all of the other Miami people who were without a doubt the maddest people on the planet Saturday night and all went to the exact same “we still live in Miami” trope which might genuinely be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean… not sadder than kicking a field goal down 38 against all back ups to prevent getting shut out. But sad nonetheless.

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