Ham’s Hoops Roundup Tuesday 12/5 – Devin Booker… Confirmed Good.

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Devin Booker is in fact good. Tensions boil over between the Boogie and Bad Boy KD. And Giannis can’t conquer Boston on his own. It’s the Hoops Roundup for Tuesday, Dec. 5th. Let’s get it…

Scores from Monday, Dec. 4th

Orlando 94  –  Charlotte 104
New York 97  –  Indiana 115
Phoenix 115  –  Philadelphia 101
Brooklyn 110  –  Atlanta 90
Milwaukee 100  –  Boston 111
Cleveland 113  –  Chicago 91
Minnesota 92  –  Memphis 95
Golden State 125  –  New Orleans 115
Denver 105  –  Dallas 122
Detroit 93  –  San Antonio 96
Washington 69  –  Utah 116

Orlando 94  –  Charlotte 104

Orlando  (10-15)
Charlotte  (9-13)

Is Dwight back?

Shit… Dwight might really be back.

Kemba lit it up for 29/7 despite going 1-8 from three to stop a four game slide for the infuriatingly streaky Hornets – who have pieced together consecutive streaks of 3 wins, 6 losses, 3 wins, and 4 losses leading up to tonight. If they beat Golden State Wednesday we might be onto something wild here.

Aaron Gordon. Bunnies.

New York 97  –  Indiana 115

New York  (11-12)
Indiana  (13-11)

No Porzingis or Hardaway again for the Knicks, and thus a predictable outcome.

I know KP is coming off of an awful-in-the-moment-but-actually-not-bad-because-he-is-a-Lizard ankle injury, but has anyone else noticed that he hasn’t played a back-to-back this season? Maybe he’s just coincidentally been hurt on each occasion… but the idiot optimist in me really wants to give the new era Knicks credit for skating the resting rules to preserve KP.

The start of the season was great. The team is fun and young and exciting and full of guys who like each other and give a shit. KP is a top fifteen player already with a boundless ceiling. The future is shockingly bright.

But the supporting cast lacks playoff talent, Frank is still a baby deer finding his legs out there, and starting mid-December the schedule is about to get much, MUCH harder. KP is too good for this team to actually tank, but they’re not making the playoffs in this stronger, deeper East. And that’s okay. 

They’re in a perfect position to remain competitive while still earning a good pick. Just find the right times to rest KP and limit the high-risk back-to-backs. Tonight was a perfectly smart loss to take early in the season. We’re in this for the long haul.



Lance did this stupid move that isn’t real basketball and is why he will never win a title what a bum

(I hate how cool this was so goddamn much)

Phoenix 115  –  Philadelphia 101

Phoenix  (9-16)
Philadelphia  (13-10)

Devin Booker. Bum.

Lebron James is in his 15th season and Devin Booker has been able to legally drink for one month. I love this league so goddamn much.

I don’t think Phoenix will sniff the playoffs… but I also didn’t think they’d sniff 10 wins this early in the season and be as competitive as they have in some of these games. Also let me just reiterate, Phoenix will not come remotely close to sniffing the playoffs.

But hey, future is bright!

The fact that Embiid is just starting to refine some of these moves is absolutely terrifying.

Also I do not understand how Ben Simmons got this.

Brooklyn 110  –  Atlanta 90

Brooklyn  (9-14)
Atlanta  (5-18)

A game of professional basketball was played in Atlanta tonight

Milwaukee 100  –  Boston 111

Milwaukee  (12-10)
Boston  (21-4)

Giannis came out with the LeBRon face tonight and almost had a game to match it. 40/9/4 on 14-24 shooting. 14 trips to the line. One attempted murder, premeditated.


But it wasn’t enough. Boston is too good and most importantly Milwaukee just isn’t there yet. Stevens rolled out his five man bench unit for a big stretch and Milwaukee’s starters fell further behind. Not even an otherworldly perfromance from Giannis can save you from that.

Hey speaking of stretch.

Jayson Tatum stole the show early, hitting 4 of 4 threes for 14 points in the first quarter. He finished 4/5 from three and is now leading the NBA… like the entire league… in three point shooting at 49.3%.

Meanwhile Markelle Fultz is still figuring out which hand to shoot a basketball with. Danny Ainge is a goddamn wizard.

Kyrie was also up to his usual or in this case unusual tricks.

This would have been dope if it counted.

This one? It definitely counted.

Cleveland 113  –  Chicago 91

Cleveland  (17-7)
Chicago  (3-19

That’s 12 straight now for Cleveland, who tonight decided to ride Dwyane Wade in a …revenge game?… against his… old team? I don’t know if it’s revenge exactly when that team paid you $23 million just to let you go to play with LeBron two months later. But hey, whatever gets Dwyane Wade going, right?

I guess Twitter isn’t always the worst place in the world.

Minnesota 92  –  Memphis 95

Minnesota  (14-11)
Memphis  (8-15)

21/7/5 from Marc Gasol. 16/5/9 from Tyreke Evans. And the Memphis Grizzlies 11 game win streak is finally, mercifully over one week after firing David Fizdale.

If I was Robert Pera and Chris Wallace I would get on my knees and thank my lucky stars that John Mara and New York Giants stole the spotlight of franchise incompetence so quickly and prominently this last week. Because good fucking lord are they going to look stupid when Fiz gets a job on April 15th and turns some bottom feeder into a playoff team in year one.

Also can someone please tell Thibs that it’s December 4th. Or at least that if he’s going to run everyone into the ground before Christmas that maybe… maybe KAT should get more than 6 shots in 38 minutes. I know that bench isn’t exactly the Marianas Trench, but something about every single bit of recent NBA history tells me playing an eight man rotation with five guys going 36+ a night in December is going o backfire at some point.

Golden State 125  –  New Orleans 115

Golden State  (19-6)
New Orleans  (12-12)

Jrue Holiday was COOKING in the first half to help the Pels jump out to a 69-49 halftime lead.

Steph did his Warriors third quarter routine, dropping 15 in the period to pull the Warriors within three.

And the Warriors pulled away in a fourth quarter highlighted by a boiling over of all the animosity in this matchup.

I’m not gonna sit here and say that this recent string of ejections from KD is a hilariously naked and fruitless attempt to win back respect and/or deflect away attention from the Twitter burner accounts fiasco. But if it was that… then he’s gonna have to talk that shit and really square up with Boogie without waiting for Dray and Iggy to get in the middle.

Just go for it dude. In terms of non-basketball cred you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Oh and by the way, the only physicality of consequence was Steph rolling his ankle into a goodamn V.

There was a lot of cautious optimism since Steph walked off the court. But part of me kind of feels like we’re actually headed for some very bad news tomorrow morning.

Denver 105  –  Dallas 122

Denver  (13-10)
Dallas  (7-17)

That’s a W… am I right folks,,

Jesus Christ that was a pointless joke.

22/10/3 from Barnes to lead the way for a Mavs team that’s won 5 of their last 8 as they attempt to climb out of the basement of the West.

Detroit 93  –  San Antonio 96

Detroit  (14-9)
San Antonio  (16-8)

The Spurs are The Spurs are The Spurs.

Seven players in double figures, including a full front court double-double from Gay (12/10/4), Aldridge (17/10/4), and Gasol (15/10/4). This team has gotten really hot over the last two weeks, all without the presence of a soon-to-return top three basketball player in the world. Pop forever.

Three straight L’s now for the suddenly skidding Pistons heading into a fascinating matchup with Milwaukee on Wednesday before hosting Golden State and Boston this weekend. Regardless of the outcome, we’re gonna know a lot more about Detroit after this weekend.

Washington 69  –  Utah 116

Washington  (12-11)
Utah  (13-11)

Thanks for showing up, Washington.

Also yes, Donovan Mitchell… confirmed not a bust.

Around The Association

I feel good. Soon I will be capable of basketballing on a surface. End sequence.

Seattle approved a new arena. I’m more of the thinking that we just ditch New Orleans and move the Pels to Seattle, but if expansion is what it takes to get the Sonics back then I’m in.

Schedule for Tuesday, Dec. 5th

7:30   Phoenix  @  Toronto     NBATV
8:00   Utah  @  Oklahoma City
10:00   Washington  @  Portland     NBATV

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