Steve Kerr Absolutely Ethers The Old Guys Who Think They Could Beat The Warriors

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Stevey K from the clouds with a Chris Kyle headshot. God damn man. Let the old guard have a little bit of dignity, Steve.

The fact that people actually think that basketball peaked as a sport in the 80’s and 90’s is genuinely mind blowing. Like yeah, this sport that is predicated on athleticism and consistency? It actually has gotten worse as players have gotten more athletic and more consistent. All those players in the 80’s and 90’s smoking boges after games and never lifting weights and using training camp as the time to finally get in shape? Those guys would totally dominate this era. Massacre. No chance these guys today could compete. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry would, in fact, have a ton of trouble shooting over the packed in defenses of the 80’s. LeBron and Kyrie? Hah. Good luck getting around the fleet footed defenses of the 90’s.

The players who were great in the 80’s and 90’s were, in fact, great. They thrived in their era and should be commended for that. I just don’t understand why people can’t look at players within their era appreciate their greatness within the context of that era while also understanding that basketball has gotten better. It’s really not that insane of a concept.

Yet people (like that fucking oaf Phil Jackson) have this outrageously narcissistic view that somehow… despite the hundreds, thousands, millions of people who care about basketball and devote their life to playing/coaching/teaching it at the highest level… they’re ALL doing it wrong. Every single one. Nobody has figured it out. Only the old guys. And then as time moved forward, everyone as a whole just forgot or ignored how to play the game “the right way”. That’s an actual belief that people have.

People are so fucking stupid man. I am an IDIOT… an absolute moron… and yet there are people out there today who are sitting at home, operating motor vehicles, at a job responsible for the safety of others, raising children, whatever, who think that this Warriors team would get “killed” by the 80’s Lakers.

Frightening, when you really think about.

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