Kid (Who Is Not An Adult) Drinks A Beer (Which Is Only For Adults)

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“Sunday Kids Day” is a pretty spectacular touch. And… and a pretty fitting one at that.

Well, fitting in my mind at least. In my mind kids in Pittsburgh start drinking at the age of ten.

Not like, party drinking or anything like that. I mean like long day in the coal mines I need a tall boy on my recliner drinking. I’ve been working with a blow torch in the steel mill all day and I need a cool beer drinking. I just finished a union job and the fellas are heading to Paddy O’Neals to have a beer and sit in the peaceful quiet before going home to the old ball and chain drinking.

Not drinking to get drunk. Not drinking to party. Not drinking to fit in. Not drinking to forget. Not drinking to feel cool.

Just drinking for routine. Just… I don’t know… just drinking? Right? That’s just how I imagine it works in Pittsburgh. You get into that routine early so that by the time you hit 16 you can just jump into one of those jobs and fit right in.

And look if that’s the way the people of Pittsburgh wanna do it, I say let em do it. Let this kid have his tall boy in peace.

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