Did Trump Steal His Commencement Speech From Legally Blonde? Well… It Hard To Say (He Did)

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I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry it’s just… holy shit what a relief. 

Firing Comey, giving classified intel to Russia, tampering in investigations, threatening Comey, lying to the public, frightening our allies, contradicting Spicer regularly, doubling down on false statements, catering to Russian state media while shunning our own press, committing borderline impeachable offenses with regularity, doing basically everything and more that got crowds chanting “lock her up” last year.

Every fucking day with this shit. Trump this and Comey that and Russia this and North Korea that and jesus fucking christ… it never ends. Four months in and every day I log onto twitter to see another scandal. It’s absolutely exhausting. It’s Wednesday… WEDNESDAY… and he’s packed more scandalous stories in this week alone than the last four presidents combined. Regardless of your political stance, there’s no possible way you enjoy this. At some point even happily defending him and saying “the liberal media is out to get Trump!” has to get exhausting too.

I just want to live my fucking life. I want to watch basketball and write stupid blogs and make jokes on twitter without having to comb through TRUMP SAID, TRUMP DID, TRUMP IS, TRUMP WAS, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

And as I step off my high horse… let me say thank your dear lord for this video. Thank you for one single funny little clip of Trump(‘s speech writers) very clearly ripping off a speech from Legally Blonde. They’re probably so overwhelmed by all the insanity surrounding their everyday lives that they just said fuck it and searched famous commencement speeches. How they landed on Elle Woods? Shit, I have absolutely no clue. But it’s a funny little clip and more importantly and glorious reprieve from all the day to day very serious real life bullshit that we now have to deal with in the age of Trump.

I’m not saying we should stop talking about the real things. In absolutely no way should all of this not be reported on and exposed to the furthest degree. But let’s at least hope there’s a few more funny, lighthearted stories like plagiarizing a fictional commencement speech or looking highkey thicc on Marine One or shaking hands like an absolute sociopath…

…to break up the insanity of the new news cycle.

P.S.   I laugh at my own bad jokes at a pretty frequent rate. Big of me to admit that.

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