Ham’s March Madness Roundup – Thursday Afternoon

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Afternoon Results:

Notre Dame 60  –  Princeton 58
[5]  Notre Dame   
[12]  Princeton   (+6.5)   (Under 134)

Virginia 76  –  UNC Wilm 71
[5]    Virginia   (-7.5)   (134.5)
[12]  UNC Wilmington

Butler 76  –  Winthrop 64
[4]    Butler   (-11)   (Under 145)
[13]  Winthrop

Gonzaga 66  –  South Dakota State 46
[1]    Gonzaga
[16]  South Dakota St.   (+22.5)   (Under 156)

West Virginia 86  –  Bucknell 80
[4]    West Virginia
[13]  Bucknell   (+14)   (Over 147.5)

Florida 80  –  East Tenn 65
[4]    Florida   (-10)   (Under 147.5)
[13]  East Tennessee

Minnesota 72  –  Middle Tennessee 81
[5]    Minnesota
[12]  Middle Tennessee   (-1)   (Over 136)

Northwestern 68  –  Vanderbilt 66
[8]    Northwestern   (-1)   (Over 130)
[9]    Vanderbilt

What’s up, people with real jobs who could not sit on their couch watching games all afternoon. Instead of simply sitting back and enjoying the madness. I went through the trying, tedious task of compiling everything you missed this afternoon. I did that for you. No thanks necessary.

Lot to get to… let’s get into it…

We kicked out day off on CBS with Verne on the call and GOODNESS GRACIOUS I am going to miss this man and his voice when he’s gone


As was noted, there were, in fact, many Whites on the court at once and therefore a lot of basketball being played The Whi– I mean Right Way



Notre Dame was ICE cold until they started going to Bonzi Colson on the block. I don’t know why it took until 2 minutes left.

But they held out

Tough break for those scrappy, upstart Princeton kids. Though I’m sure they’ll be okay


SB Nation came bursting through our Twitter walls like the Kool Aid man with an absolutely hilarious Tru TV tweet. It do be very hard to find Tru TV! LOL! Still funny six years later guys.

Shooters Shoot!


It’s funny because UNC-Wilmington was in fact UNC-Whoopin’UVAverybadly

We got our first taste of HUSTLE PLAYS that you only ever seen in the college game. It’s a known fact that NBA players have not hustled or played defense since the Bob Cousy era. They just care more and only play for the love of the game – which of course is why they should never get paid.

Jokes aside, Virginia fell into a BIG hole against UNC Wilmington early. Down 26-11 at one point. Then went on a 19-3 run over the last 7 minutes of the first.

UNC Wilm kept it close the rest of the way, but in the end it was too much London Perrantes… who I think is in his sixth season at Virginia.

You either love London Perrantes or you hate London Perrantes, and there’s absolutely no in between. His hair. His face. His overall demeanor on the court. You can’t be neutral on a guy like that. I was pretty firmly in the hate category. But at some point today… probably the point where I realized I have Virginia in the Elite Eight and needed him to kill it… I flipped.

He was awesome today. Just hit big shot after big shot after big shot. And they needed it. Because outside of Perrantes and Shayok it just never felt like UVA could get it going. That Virginia Elite Eight pick? Well, you could say I don’t feel fantastic about that right now.

The Butler Bulldogs were the lone dominant team of the day, handling Winthrop with ease from start to finish

Not the greatest start for my National Championship pick Zags. Who led South Dakota State just 26-22 at the half before pulling away. But hey, I feel great about my pick!

West Virginia sorry I mean PRESS Virginia got a real scare from Bucknell. But PRESS Virginia’d their way to a win and avoided an upset that we all wanted just for the sake of not hearing PRESS Virgnia for the rest of the weekend.

PRESS Virginia

East Tennessee State boys came out in warm up looking like Dunk City 2.0

And actually hung around with Florida for a little bit.

But Chris Chiozza and Devin Robinson were too much for ETSU in the second half

And gamblers had to watch in agony as Canyon Barry and his stupid underhand free throws put the cover (Florida -10) out of reach while his stupid dad Rick looked on.


The lone upset of the afternoon came from last year’s darling Middle Tennessee

ANd we finished off the afternoon with the Game of the Day. Vandy-Northwestern. A nerd battle for the ages.

Northwestern fans were so excited that they were literally cheering for their school’s advertisements on the Jumbotron


Hey Julia… sup


And what a game this was. Back and forth. Northwestern up big. Matthew Fisher-Davis comes off the bench and shoots Vandy back into the game. Vandy goes up one with 17 seconds left. And Fisher-Davis has an all time brain fart. Fouls Northwestern’s best free throw shooter with no fouls to give. And the kid nailed both.


Vandy comes back down and, after getting to the hoop at will for the last few minutes, launches an AWFUL 30 footer with 8 seconds still on the clock. No good, ball to Northwestern. How you feeling Doug Collins?


LOOK AT THIS MAN. He is literally more purple than the N on his shirt

Northwestern Wins! Doug Collins can breathe again! Julia Louis Dreyfus is bae! And Journalism is NOT. DEAD. YET.

Evening Schedule

6:50  —  TNT
[6]    Maryland   (-2)   (142.5)
[11]   Xavier

7:10  —  CBS
[1]    Villanova   (-27)   (133.5)
[16]  Mount St. Mary’s

7:20  —  TBS
[7]    Saint Mary’s   (-4.5)   (130)
[10]  VCU

7:27  —  TruTV
[4]    Purdue   (-9)   (134.5)
[13]  Vermont

9:20  —  TNT
[3]    Florida State   (-12)   (146.5)
[14]  Florida Gulf Coast

9:40  —  CBS
[8]    Wisconsin   (-5.5)   (137)
[9]    Virginia Tech

9:50  —  TBS
[2]    Arizona   (-17)   (147.5)
[15]  North Dakota

9:57  —  TruTV
[5]    Iowa State   (-6)   (157)
[12]  Nevada

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