Ham’s March Madness Roundup – Thursday Night Action

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Thursday Night Scores

Maryland 65  –  XAVIER 76
[6]    Maryland
[11]   Xavier   (+2)   (Under 142.5)

VILLANOVA 76  –  Mount St. Mary’s 56
[1]    Villanova
[16]  Mount St. Mary’s   (+27)   (Under 133.5)

SAINT MARY’S 85  –  VCU 77
[7]    Saint Mary’s   (-4.5)   (Over 130)
[10]  VCU

PURDUE 80  –  Vermont 70
[4]    Purdue   (-9)   (Over 134.5)
[13]  Vermont

FLORIDA STATE 86  –  Florida Gulf Coast 80
[3]    Florida State
[14]  Florida Gulf Coast   (+12)   (Over 146.5)

WISCONSIN 84  –  Virginia Tech 74
[8]    Wisconsin   (-5.5)   (137)
[9]    Virginia Tech

ARIZONA 100  –  North Dakota 82
[2]    Arizona   (-17)   (Over 147.5)
[15]  North Dakota

IOWA STATE 84  –  Nevada 73
[5]    Iowa State   (-6)   (Push 157)
[12]  Nevada

OOOOOOHHH WHEEEEEE what a day one we had folks,,

Well, not really. Only two of the sixteen games were actual upsets. And in the eyes of most I’d argue neither was actually an upset. Middle Tennessee over Minnesota was easily the most selected upset of any bracket after last year’s win over Michigan State. And anyone who didn’t expect a veteran Xavier team to beat a wildly unpredictable, disjointed Maryland team was kidding themselves. Seriously, who trusted Maryland at all in that game?

Shit, we didn’t even have a 9 over an 8. It was chalk after chalk after chalk after chalk. Which is fine. There were some tense gambling moments, exciting runs, and enough decent moments to make us all appreciate the day.

If you missed the Thursday Afternoon Roundup you can find it here…

And you know what that means for today, right? It means that we are going to get a WILD day of upsets, buzzer beaters, tears, dunks, and so much more. Basketball, like life, always finds a way to balance itself out. One drastic swing this way (all chalk, no buzzer beaters, few if any memorable moments), means the see saw is about to go shooting up on the other side. Balance… just in the form of chaos. I’m sorry, this is the way my brain works.

On to the highlights…

We started the night session off with Maryland-Xavier in which Xavier Bluiett wide open with a 14-2 second half run. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.


The Lawnmower will never ever go out of style

I said it before and I’ll say it again… you are an IDIOT if you trusted this Maryland team. Brackets are a total crapshoot. Nobody actually knows anything. But the one thing anyone with a brain knew is that Maryland was never ever winning this game. It was honestly a bigger lock than any 1 over 16 matchup. Maryland STINKS. Don’t ever forget that again.


Also Bill Murray was there


Much like Gonzaga in the afternoon, #1 seed Villanova survived a first half scare before eventually pulling away in the second.

Helping that cause? Shots like this…


Good job, good effort





I honestly see nothing wrong with this picture.

Every… everything okay there Verne?

Not a flop but also not not a flop.

Buzz Williams is a goddamn lunatic and I love it.

Her: Come over
Me: I can’t
Her: You’re literally two hotel rooms down just walk past my parents door
Me: I think the hotel is haunted
Her: Ghosts aren’t re–
Her: Okay well just suck it up and get over here
Me: Look I want to but I don’t mess with ghosts
Her: I’ll let you do that think we’ve been talking abo–

Nailed it

One of the few games of the day came from Florida State and Dunk City 2.0

And Dunk City 2.0 actually had things going for a while.

If I’ve said it once it was probably back when they first made a run and so now I will say it a second time… DON’T LET DUNK CITY GET HOT

Dunk City vs. FSU is ELECTRIC

Shit, even their missed dunks were electric

If you watched any of Florida State this season you know they are stupid athletic. Their length is absurd. If they ever figure it out offensively they could make a legitimate run. The problem is, their entire offense is just “give it to Bacon.”

Love Xavier in this game on Saturday. L-O-V-E.

When the Bacon 2 thicc


And we closed out with Wisco.

Nigel Hayes getting big boy boards

Action Bronson Sarah Koenig hitting big boy buckets

I wanted to pick Wisonsin over Nova. I genuinely thought about it for a while. And then eventually wussed out. It’s my only real regret of my bracket. (And this has been “Talking About Ham’s Bracket”)

If I could change my pick now I would. And I already absolutely LOVE Wisco at (+5.5) on Saturday.




Oh, and Arizona had a big blowout win.

Clear Eyes. Full Wallets. THIS. IS. MARCH.



12:15  —  CBS
[7]    Michigan   (-2.5)   (154)
[10]  Oklahoma State

12:40  —  TruTV
[3]    Baylor   (-12.5)   (134)
[14]  New Mexico State

1:30  —  TNT
[8]    Arkansas   (-1)   (146.5)
[9]    Seton Hall

2:00  —  TBS
[3]    Oregon   (-15)   (152)
[14]  Iona

2:45  —  CBS
[2]    Louisville   (-20)   (134)
[15]   Jax State

3:10  —  TruTV
[6]    SMU   (-6.5)   (138)
[11]   USC/Prov

4:00  —  TNT
[1]    North Carolina   (-27)   (154.5)
[16]  Texas Southern

4:30  —  TBS
[6]    Creighton
[11]    Rhode Island   (Pick Em)   (141.5)


6:50  —  TNT
[1]    Kansas   (-23.5)   (145.5)
[16]   NCCU/UC Davis

7:10  —  CBS
[7]    Dayton
[10]  Wichita State   (-6)   (144.5)

7:20  —  TBS
[2]    Duke   (-20)   (154)
[15]   Troy

7:27  —  TruTV
[6]    Cincinnati   (-3.5)   (130.5)
[11]   Kansas State

9:20  —  TNT
[8]    Miami   (-2)   (125.5)
[9]    Michigan State

9:40  —  CBS
[2]    Kentucky   (-20)   (154)
[15]   Northern Kentucky

9:50  —  TBS
[7]    South Carolina   (-1.5)   (144.5)
[10]  Marquette

9:57  —  TruTV
[3]    UCLA   (-18)   (162)
[14]  Kent State

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