Ham’s Hoops Roundup – Wednesday, Dec. 14th

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New York 111  –  Phoenix 113  (OT)

Memphis 86  –  Cleveland 103

Orlando 131  –  Atlanta 120

Minnesota 99  –  Chicago 94

Golden State 113  –  New Orleans 109

Oklahoma City 95  –  Portland 114


Player Of The Night: Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis is special. There are more than enough examples over the last year and a half to point to in order to prove that point. Be it his unicorn-like ability, his elite work-ethic, his on and off court maturity, whatever.

Last night’s fight with that garbage human being Marquese Chriss might have been my favorite yet. Not only did he pop up and get right in Chriss’s face… he then proceeded to play his absolute ass off after the altercation. He went right at him and the entire Suns team with the ball in his hands. Dropped the hammer of Godzingis on Chriss’s head with that alley oop. Criss-Crossed Chriss with the handles and hit a J in his face. Hit a monster three in his grill in Overtime before fouling out. Just absolutely manhandled that piece of human garbage for the remainder of the game and kept a lethargic Knicks team alive before falling prey to a nefarious call in the middle of overtime.

Chriss tried to rattle his cage, and Porzingis responded by unleashing the beast. (*vigorously pats self on the back*)

It’s that type of poise… that type of ability to remain unfazed… that shows you just how incredible Porzingis really is.

Yes, he still has plenty to learn. While his sixth call was questionable, he does have to realize that he can’t put himself in that position when they’ve been calling those fouls all night. They win that game if he doesn’t foul out. Simple as that. He’ll learn and adjust like he always does.

But the overall effort last night was incredible. 34 and 8. 3 blocks, 3 steals. 4 for 4 from three. Best player on the court and it wasn’t even close.

Incredible game from our young large adult son Unicorn. One of those games that we’ll remember for a long time, despite that game winner falling short.

It’s KP’s team. KP’s city. KP’s world. We’re all just lucky enough to inhabit it.


Draymond’s Sneaky Kicking Strategy

Draymond is just kicking up in the air all the time now. It’s basically his attempt to normalize it, so that when he does kick people in the face or hand or whatever, he can point back to plays like this and say, “That’s just how my body moves!”

It’s like when you’d be in class cheating off someone else’s test. It looks weird to just lift your head up and look down to the right a couple of times. So to play it off, you look down to the left, then you look straight up in the air, then you crack your neck a few times, then you roll your head around, then you close your eyes and do it, then you stare blankly ahead as if you’re thinking readlly hard about something. . If your teacher thinks you’re just a weird kid who looks all over the place and doesn’t stop moving, then maybe she won’t notice the times you were blatantly looking at Suzie with the 4.0 sitting on row ahead of you to the right.

I mean, the teacher always knows what you’re doing. Nobody actually stares blankly ahead to think. He or she can see what you’re doing. But there’s a level of it where if you’re constantly doing it, they can’t always call you out.

That’s exactly what Draymond is doing with the leg kicks. If he kicks into the air and doesn’t hit anyone, they can’t call a foul. And when he actually hits someone, he can now point back to this type of play and say, “Look, I always kick in the air! It’s involuntary!”

Russ’s Pettiness Was On One Hundred Thousand Trillion

But Dame Had The Last Laugh

Speaking of petty, the Blazers social media team was on fire with pettiness.

Steph Curry Hit A Three And Dapped Up An Opposing Coach

Look, I hate this Warriors team as much as anyone. HATE HATE HATE like Ice-T. But if we’re behind honest with each other here, I can’t hate this move. If “pre-blowing a 3-1 Finals lead and signing Kevin Durant” Steph Curry does this move we’d be gushing over it. Lead story on the blogs, “this team is so much fun”, all of that kind of stuff. A lot of things have changed for this Warriors team from this time last year, not the least of which is how we view these plays now. It’s gone from “That was crazy, Steph is so much fun” to “These guys are arrogant assholes”. And that’s fine. But if you watched something like this last year and laughed, it’s hard not to see this one play, absent of everything else, and laugh out loud. That coach just quickly tapping Curry’s hand in the whitest possible way is hilarious stuff.

Still hate them though. Knicks by 20 tomorrow night.

NBA Schedule for Wednesday, December 14th:
(Games Of The Night In Bold)

Indiana @ Miami  (+1.5)

Toronto @ Philadelphia  (+8.5)

Charlotte @ Washington  (-1.5)

LA Clippers @ Orlando  (+8)

LA Lakers @ Brooklyn  (-1.5)

Cleveland @ Memphis  (-7)

Sacramento @ Houston  (-13)

Detroit @ Dallas  (+5.5)

Oklahoma City @ Utah  (-7.5)

Boston @ San Antonio  (-5.5)

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