Fast 8 Released A Trailer For The Release Of The Actual Trailer, Coming This Sunday

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Releasing a trailer for the release of the actual trailer? Top Five Top Five Top Five.

What a move man. What a freakin move. This is why The Fast and Furious franchise is the longest standing action/adventure/romance/comedy franchise in the game. They know exactly what they are and they know how to sell it. Well, that, and bringing on The Rock.

If you think I’m not going to sit at my computer pressing refresh for twelve straight hours this Sunday then you don’t know me. I’ll watch every advertisement. I’ll be the guinea pig. I’ll pay a fee to watch it. Literally whatever it takes.

God bless the Fast Franchise.

P.S.   Fire title. All in on it. I especially love that the title would indicate that it’s the last movie when in reality we all know there’ll be about nine more of these before they’re done.

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