PornHub Turned Into CornHub Today For April Fools


Here it is, everyone… a legitimately funny April Fools Prank

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Here it is, everyone… a legitimately funny April Fools Prank. It’s been about a solid decade since we’ve seen one, and will probably be another decade until we seen another. Let’s enjoy this now. Laugh at the pictures, appreciate the creativity of the titles, probably click through the real link at the bottom of the page, and then feel really weird about ourselves after the jump we all made from buttered corn to bondage dp. And when that’s all done, let’s all agree to not attempt an April Fools Prank the rest of the day. Because no matter what it is, it will 100% be a flop. Even non-April Fools Day jokes lose their luster on April Fools Day*. Somehow, the one “funny” day of the year has turned everything unfunny.

Well, everything except Corn Porn.

P.S.   I’m just glad that I… I mean that my friend went on PornHub this morning. Thankfully my friend is a before-work guy, and was thoughtful enough to pass along this content. Shoutout to my friend and his scheduling habits for the help. Couldn’t have done it without my friend. Big credit to my friend.

*see what I mean ^

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