The Best Of Dabo And A Clemson Season Preview Leading You Into Opening Weekend #BYOG

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(watch these videos and tell me you don’t want to run through a wall right now)



I’ll be honest here guys… I don’t know how to preview this Clemson season. Like… what exactly am I supposed to say? What’s my bold prediction here? What exactly is going to surprise people? I can’t take a serious approach, because I’ll just be repeating everything you already know. But I can’t take a sarcastic approach and say “undefeated, championship season lol” because… well… that’s what’s going to happen. That’s literally exactly what’s going to happen.

Clemson is going undefeated and winning the National Championship.

Clemson will SMASH Auburn tomorrow night. Clemson will embarrass every ACC opponent from now through November. Clemson will beat Florida State at Florida State. Clemson will crush North Carolina in the ACC Championship. Clemson will beat LSU on New Years Eve. And Clemson will beat Alabama in the National Championship.

Deshaun Watson will win the Heisman Trophy and put up the greatest college football season ever. Wayne Gallman will run through tackle after tackle after tackle on his way to a billion yards. Mike Williams and Deon Cain and Artavis Scott and Hunter Renfrow and Jordan Leggett and Trevion Thompson and Ray-Ray McCloud will be the greatest, deepest receiving corps ever. Ben Boulware and Carlos Watkins will be All-American defenders. Brent Venables will coach all this young defensive talent into as good a unit as they’ve had the last two years. Dabo will win coach of the year and dance and cheer and dab and create a new BYOG-esque slogan and continue to be the most entertaining college football personality in the country on the way to his redemption championship over Nick Saban. Fuck Nick Saban.

That’s it. That’s the preview. That’s all there is to know about the 2016 Clemson Tigers leading into tomorrow night.

Hammer the Clemson National Championship Odds at +700.

Hammer the Deshaun Watson Heisman Odds at +400.

Hammer that Clemson Total Wins OVER 10.5 (Seriously? 10.5? That’s honestly insulting. I’m offended at that number.)

And of course make sure to HAAAAAAMMER Clemson (-7.5) over Auburn tomorrow night.

Clemson Football is back… and not a moment too soon. (This is a link to my “Football is Back” blog. I put it here because I want you to click it and read that blog and have the same feelings I have about the return of football this weekend. SMASH THAT LINK BUTTON)

Oh hey I almost forgot… here’s a little “Best Of Dabo 2015” cumpilation to wet your beak for tomorrow night. DAB ON THEM FOLK, DABO.



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