Happy Labor Day Weekend. Hammer Clemson -7.5 (And The Rest Of My Week 1 CFB Picks)

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Labor Day Weekend. College Week 1. Football is back. Let’s go.

Clemson (-7.5) over AUBURN

I’ve said what I need to say.

LSU (-11) over Wisconsin  (at Lambeau Field)

Wisconsin put up a valiant effort for a half against Bama in their opener last year, but at a certain point the size and speed and overall athleticism difference just beats you down and LSU has all of that in spades. Big time Fournette “hey look I’m the Heisman frontrunner” type of game that will make him look like the Heisman frontrunner until later that night when Deshaun Watson throws for 380 and 4 touchdowns runs for 65 and 2 more.

Alabama (-12) over USC  (at AT&T Stadium in Dallas)

Freshman QB against Nick Saban in his first career start. Lane Kiffin wanting revenge on USC and running up the score. Can’t make this line high enough. Easy money.

Honestly just parlay Bama and LSU and don’t think twice about it. At the very least, tease them both down under a touchdown.

TEXAS A&M (-3) over UCLA


Not much of a read on this. On the spot I’d go A&M. But it’s my boy Joey Regan’s Pick Of The Week and honestly outside of Stanford I trust no one from the Pac 12 or 10 or whatever number it is. So yeah, Go Aggies.


HOUSTON (+12) over Oklahoma

Greg Ward kind of plays like Deshaun Watson and Deshaun ate the Sooners alive last year and yeah I know Oklahoma will get their points but this game is just screaming “tight shootout” especially in Houston and honestly I wouldn’t be shocked to see Oklahoma lose this game so that they can go on to win the rest of their games and sneak into the last spot in the College Football Playoff and get thwalloped (thats a word I think) by either Alabama or Clemson again okay I’m done.

Boston College (+3) over Georgia Tech (in Ireland)

I just got a Timehop a few days ago from when I went to the Navy-Notre Dame game in Ireland four years ago. Complete blowout, but an INCREDIBLE atmosphere. Irish people everywhere, all pulling for Notre Dame, screaming their heads off. I’m a Navy guy (shouts to my dad) so that sucked. But I can’t deny it was awesome to be around. I’m not saying BC is held in the same regard as Notre Dame over on the Emrald Isle, but having visited both schools I can tell you there is ABSOLUTELY a bigger Irish presence up in Chestnut Hill. Does that mean anything to the pick? Not in reality. But in my stupid head it means everything. HAMMER the Eagles.

GEORGIA (-3) over North Carolina

UNC traditionally a slow-starting team. Georgia has a new coach and are at home and please yes give me the Daawgs giving only a field goal. (This has Push written ALLLLLL over it and I already hate myself for it.)

Ole Miss (+5) over FLORIDA STATE

Florida State still wins this game but fuck trash ass Florida State and their whole set.

Alright… that wraps it up.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend. Don’t lose all your money. Stay safe. And if you’re out in the Hamptons Saturday and Sunday come find me behind the bar at The Drift slingin drinks like a fat Tom Cruise.



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