Another Dope Ski Video


I can’t find one good reason why I shouldn’t have moved out west to become a ski/snowboard guy and never use the internet ever again

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I mentioned this a few months ago, and now it’s more true than ever… These videos just make me think how stupid it was not to become a ski/snowboard guy. I can’t find one reason not to do it. Work in a ski lodge, live in a dope cabin, smoke mad weed, and shred powder for the rest of your life.

What’s the downside there? No internet to read pointless shit all day? No TV to watch shows that never live up to the expectations? No sports to gamble all of your money away on? No teams to constantly let you down or make stupid rules to make their players boring sports robots? I mean obviously I’m way too far down the internet/tv/sports/gambling rabbit hole at this point in my life to give up even one of those things. And I’ve probably been too far down for a while now. But if I did have the fortitude to pull the trigger on that, I can absolutely guarantee I’d be a happier, more fulfilled life right now.

And on that super depressing note, I’m gonna start my super depressing Knicks blog about how much I hate my favorite team. Fun stuff. Here, watch this bunny to feel better again.

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