“Cute Tricycle, Cespedes” -Alex Rodriguez


Move aside, real money coming through here. 

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Move aside, real money coming through here.

Classic rich vs. wealthy showdown here. Almost the most stereotypical example ever. Show me the guy with the flashy three wheeler and I’ll show you a guy who’s still renting in NYC. Show me the Maybach and I’ll show you a homeowner in three different states and whatever land mass you want to clarify Florida as. One man has a diversified portfolio spread across multiple industries. The other just invested 10% of his yearly salary into his cousin’s protein shake business despite Spencer Strasmore’s best advice. One will have a thriving post-playing career in the booth. The other will be selling this glorified tricycle back to the IRS to avoid jailtime.

You might think you’re hot shit with your MVP second half and your postseason appearance and your real MLB pitching staff and you’re shiny new short term contract, Yo. But don’t come into Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez’s backyard throwing money like you have it like that.

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