Watch This Snowboard Run, It’s Dope

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Shit like this just makes you think man… what if you just packed it all up and became a snowboard guy? Think about it. Just move to Colorado and live this lifestyle for the rest of your life. Get a job in a ski lodge, live in some sweet wood cabin with 4 or 5 other bros, smoke mad weed, and fucking shred every single single day. Just live a dope, carefree life, completely oblivious to the world outside that mountain. Become one of those kids who never goes on the internet because you’re too busy shredding powder and having sex with snow bunnies. And when you go home every few months and have no idea what your friends are talking about when sports or TV show arguments happen, you just sit there and daydream about your next ride. How dope does that sound? Wouldn’t you just drop everything and do that right now? Because one of my best friends just did that. And my dumb ass didn’t go do that too. I chose to stay here running this site, spending my days arguing about sports and gambling on games and watching stupid TV shows and writing blogs comparing an NBA Legend to a dying grandparent. What the fuck am I doing with my life?

Wait, I was having an awesome day. And this video was awesome. Why am I getting all negative? I need some motivation.

Talk to me Khaled


I am smart
I am very smart
I am the best
I am a genius
I am appreciated
I am loyal
Khaled changed… a lot
I can too
I am going to Win, Win, Win, no matter what
I’m going to rip that door open
And rip the hinges off
And put the hinges in the fuckboy’s hands
In the fuckboy’s hands
I can put the hinges in the hands too
I’ll never give up
I’ll never surrender
I’ll put this money in my savings account
I’ll buy my momma a house
I’ll buy my whole family a house
I’ll do a pushup
And Another One
And Another One
And Another One

Alright, we’re back baby.

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