DJ Khaled Just Changed The Motivational Video Game Forever #AnotherOne


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You can put the hinges in the fuckboy’s hands too.


You smart. You very smart. We the best. You a genius. I appreciate you. You loyal. I changed… A lot. You can too. #AnotherOne #AndAnotherOne #AndAnotherOne #AndAnotherOne 


Is there a more unintentionally funny person in the entire world than DJ Khaled right now? No, right? Nobody else even comes close. Every single thing about him is hilarious. The way his voice sounds, his cartoonishly emphatic delivery, his… unique pronunciation habits, his preposterous body shape, his general appearance, his whole persona, his… career? or whatever you want to call it, his history, his connections, and his complete acceptance of living life as a complete caricature. It’s all just so perfect. I can’t get enough of him.

On a day to day basis, nobody makes me laugh harder than DJ Khaled. I’ve yet to see a video that didn’t have in stitches. From the Jurrly to his Akkkreate sound to CONGRATULATIONS, You Played Yourself, It’s all just so great.

And this one is no different.

From the second that video started and he told me how smart, how very smart I am, I’ve been in an awesome mood. Just laughing my ass off every few minutes at the thought of how much DJ Khaled appreciates me. I haven’t stopped smiling the entire time I’ve written this blog. I just can’t stop laughing.

And that’s what makes this video smart. VERY smart. GENIUS. I’ve ripped off better blogs this morning between Kristaps, Kobe, and Jahlil than I have in months. I’m crazy motivated. All because Khaled made me laugh. I don’t need all that corny “you can do it” and “just accomplish one task at a time” shit like every other motivational video. Does any of that even work? Of course it doesn’t. All I need is to consistently laugh my ass off at the absurdity of DJ Khaled and my production level goes through the roof. Khaled just changed the game forever. Guess you could call it… Another One. Another One. Another One. Another One. Another One. And Another One. And Another One.









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