The Warriors Scheduling A Chance Concert The Same Night As Game Five Of Their First Round Series Is A COCKY Move

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Ohhhh buddy. Looks like the Warriors have their swagger back

I would get all sarcastic and say something like “yeah there’s noooo way this backfires” and talk about them being cocky before blowing a 3-1 lead but in reality there is absolutely no way the Warriors don’t sweep this series.

Maybe… maaaaaybe you could talk me into the Blazers stealing one at home if Nurkic was totally healthy. Maybe

And no, this is deeeeefinitely, in no way, a ploy to give Dame and CJ and Nurkic more motivation to at least make this a competitive couple of games. Definitely not doing that.

P.S.   Seriously though, if Dame wants his rap career to really take off he will win a game at home and then drop a Chance and Warriors diss track before game.

Never forget that Dame D.O.L.L.A. kinda has bars… you know, for an NBA dude. He’s probably totally overrated. (Dame you hear that?)

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