Tom Brady’s Son Is Dabbing His Face Off At The Patriots Parade

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Credit where credit is due, Tom Brady’s kid can dab with the best of em. Puffy jacket and all, the kid has that form down. Some people may say the dab is dead. I say what is dead my never die. And while I may hate the Patriots with all my heart, I can never hate a kid for dabbing his heart out at a championship parade. Dab on dem folks kid. Dab on dem folk.

Wonder where he learned it from?



P.S.   Remember the holier than thou crowd dragging Cam through the mud for dabbing? Remember how big a deal that was? People talked like Cam was killing puppies on the field. You know, the same people who lost their minds over the Giants WR’s boat trip and lazily pointed to that as the reason the Giants got waxed by Green Bay because they didn’t like how those specific players handled their day off. And the same people who hid behind the flag and exploited the troops and pretended to be offended so they could deflect away from the real concerns when players knelt or raised their fists in protest. And the same people who were “just so sick of how coddled and PC America had become” but now can’t handle the slightest bit of criticism of this president. It’s almost like there’s something in common with all these people. I don’t know, I just can’t put my finger on it…


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